Treendale Wins WA Award for Urban Water Excellence

Treendale is a world class Master Planned community situated against the tranquil banks of the Brunswick River 15 kilometres north of Bunbury.

The developers, Four Seas Management and TME consultants embraced Water Sensitive Urban Design from the projects inception and can now boast operating; multiple use corridors; one of the largest bioretention basins in Australia; and innovative bioretention media to maintain water quality.

Treendale is now used as a case study for Water Sensitive Urban Design in the South West of the State demonstrating that cutting edge Water Design can be seamlessly incorporated into residential estates. Treendale is a development that has helped shape water sensitive urban design in the South-West of WA.

When plans for Treendale were being drawn up over ten years ago, water sensitive urban design was still a relatively new concept amongst developers, engineers and local government. The judges felt that it clearly demonstrates how stormwater drainage can be integrated into the landscape in a way that is functional, looks attractive and delivers environmental benefits. The Treendale team were early adopters of innovative stormwater management systems including bioretention basins, vegetated swales and rain gardens.

The judges were impressed with the Treendale project team’s commitment to implementing these ideas and their work to win over local government and the regulators.